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Paul Wilkinson
Monday, June 19, 2017 11:51
Consultation on the pre-publication draft CRAVEN LOCAL PLAN

from CDC Planning Policy Team

Monday 19th June Monday 31st July 2017

Consultation on the third pre-publication draft of the Craven Local Plan (June 2017) is due to commence on Monday 19th June, for six weeks. During this informal public consultation Craven District Council will be seeking feedback from town and parish councils, residents, businesses, local groups and other agencies on the latest draft of the Local Plan.

You will be aware that the Council consulted with the public on the first pre-publication draft of the Local Plan from September to November 2014 and the second pre-publication draft Local Plan from April to May 2016. The feedback gathered during these consultations, together with extensive updates to the evidence base that underpins the draft Local Plan, has helped shape the current draft of the Local Plan.

Public consultation on the third and final informal draft of the Craven Local Plan will run for a six week period from 19th June 31st July 2017. During this time the Council are seeking views from town/parish councils, residents, businesses and organisations on draft local plan strategy, policies, designations and preferred housing, employment and mixed use site allocations in the area covered by the plan. This current period of public consultation on the draft Local Plan is a chance for interested individuals and groups to help further improve the plan before the plan is formally published and submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government via the Planning Inspectorate for formal examination later this year.
During this final period of informal consultation we want to hear from you about:
What needs changing in the draft plan?
Why does it need to be changed?
How it needs to be changed - your suggestions.

The Council is seeking comments on the following pre-publication draft Local Plan consultation documents:

Pre-publication draft Craven Local Plan
Local Plan Appendix A to draft policy INF3: Sport, Open Space and Built Sport Facilities
Local Plan Appendix B to draft policy INF6: Education Provision
Local Plan Appendix C to draft policy SP12: Infrastructure, Strategy and Development Delivery (Infrastructure Delivery Plan)
Draft policies and inset maps
Background documents to the pre-publication draft Craven Local Plan

The draft Local Plan and associated background documents can be viewed from Monday 19th June 2017 online at

A hard copy of the draft Local Plan will be available to view at Craven District Council Offices, Belle Vue Square, Broughton Road, Skipton BD23 1FJ. Copies of the draft plan can also be viewed in libraries at Skipton, Gargrave, Cross Hills, Embsay, Settle, Bentham and Ingleton, and via the mobile library service.

The planning policy team is hosting an open-door drop-in event at the council offices on Monday 3rd July 2017, between 2pm and 6pm to discuss any aspect of the Local Plan. The team is also offering individual pre-arranged appointments at the council offices throughout the consultation period. Please contact on 01756 706472 or by emailing to arrange an appointment at the Council Offices in Skipton.

To give feedback, please use the Feedback Form which is available online at . Hard copies can be collected from the Craven District Council Offices and libraries. Completed feedback forms can be sent to or posted to the Council using the address above. The closing date for comments is Monday 31st July 2017 at midnight.
Liz Kildunne
Wednesday, July 5, 2017 21:04
Dear All

I don't know if any of you have looked at this yet, but I would urge you all to do so, and write in with your comments, hopefully positive regarding Sutton-in-Craven , but I am personally absolutely delighted with the news.

My summary, if I have read it all correctly is as follows:

Green Wedge Policy document - delighted that both sides of the village have been recommended as Green Wedge designation, so the two most contentious sites on the original SHLAA, SC043 (Thompsons) which provides the green wedge between Sutton and Glusburn, and SC040 (Sutton Lane) which separates both the villages of Sutton and Eastburn, but also the counties of North and West Yorkshire.

Looking at the pool of sites document - there is a slight inconsistency in wording which needs amending for belt and braces protection of SC040 - the reason for it being excluded as a sustainable site needs expanding to include the phrase "site recommended for green wedge", as is already included for SC043.

There are two other sites (SC047) and (SC048) which pass the sustainability test but for now (and are for small scale developments), due to the number of housing completions in Sutton since 2012, there are no housing requirements in the area, so no sites will be allocated for Sutton for the next 15 years. This is wonderful news as all along we have pointed out the large number of homes provided in the new mill development and other brown-field site conversions should be taken into consideration - it looks like they have finally listened.

Housing Need - as mentioned above, delighted that homes provided since 1 April 2012 have been taken into consideration in working out the new figures.
Sutton has been re-designated as a 4a Village with Basic Services, with a requirement of 3 houses per annum.
Our allocation for the plan period is therefore 51 homes, of which 38 have already been provided, which leaves 13 + 2 for slippage.
According to the draft consultation document. at 1st April 2017, there were 22 OPP's (outstanding planning permissions?) which gives Sutton a net over-provision of 7 houses.
Thus there will be none needed and therefore no sites allocated for the plan period.
Again, this feels like we have been listened to - I think my calculations in a variety of letters I've written calculated that since around 2001, Sutton has delivered enough housing to last until 2061!!! So respite is welcomed.

I noted a spelling mistake in the draft consultation document on P143 under ENV13 Green Wedges - "Distict" instead of "District"

I don't know what else I can add, other than to thank everyone in assisting us thus far, I realise its not over till its over, but for now, it feels like quite a relief, and two very large greenfield sites should hopefully be protected for the next 15 years. I think if as many people as possible can fill in the consultation document agreeing with the proposals for Sutton, it will strengthen the case for keeping the consultation as it is for Sutton.

SO, please fill in the form on the CDC website, under the Local Plan Consultation section.

Best Wishes


Joan Hartley
Monday, July 10, 2017 10:09
Well done Liz for your vigilance this is indeed good news
Joan M. Tindale
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 21:43
Please check your updated Conservation Area Appraisal - there are a few faults in ours (Cowling.)

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