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Paul Wilkinson
Sunday, February 5, 2017 11:56

I've recieved the following enquiry from David Appleby, can anyone help?

"I worked with a student engineer in the late nineties called Stuart Park and he said he was from Sutton in Craven. I would very much like to track him down as he once gave me some very old pea seeds that he said they had found in his Grandad's shed, "Peasbeans" he called them, grew very tall with purple flowers and had short pods with huge peas in them. They were a real heritage pea and I do hope other people are keeping the variety going, I just wanted to see if he could get any more seeds for me to be another custodian of such an excellent old variety of yesteryear!"

Jane Chatterton
Wednesday, February 8, 2017 13:19
Hello Paul,
I think these are the seeds David Applebyis looking for.they are available from "More Veg" website In Newton Abbott. I buy seeds from them regularly.
They look like something I bought in Valencia and I believe are also called "cow peas" or Pigeon peas"!!

Although the name may suggest otherwise this is not a cross between peas and beans, it is in fact a species in its own right and has been grown in this county since the earliest part of the 17th century. Despite its long history it is rarely offered for sale, a shame as this is a lovely bean to grow and eat. You treat it in the same way as a climbing French bean and it will reward you with a prolific habit ad will need very regular picking! The pods are at their best for fresh use when no more than 7-8cm long. If they do get larger then this simply let them grow away and harvest them later for use as haricot.

Jane C

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