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Diana C Smith (nee Bedford)
Godolphin Cross, Cornwall
Friday, March 9, 2007 10:37
Sutton late 40's early 50's
Senior moments must be upon me for I decided to look up Sutton where I had great pleasure living in 47, 48, 49 and 50. I wonder if anyone is still there who remembers me.
I thought our address was Main street, but maybe it was High Street. It was the tobacco, bread and sweet shop next to the Post Office. I had a horse and kept it at a stable and field belonging to Joe Harry who owned one of the two pubs in the village.
I was in the Ameteur dramatics in Merry England, The Quaker Girl and the Gondoliers.
I remember Muriel Brown, Olive ? The Bell family - Isabella, Wiliam, Mary and Robert. Then there was Brian Cluff, two brothers who had a farm on the Cross R roads. Hope someone sees this especially someone I can remember.
Paul Wilkinson
Friday, March 9, 2007 10:43
Hi Diana and welcome to the site!

There's a photo from the 1950 Quaker Girls production in the gallery.

Friday, March 9, 2007 17:42
Hello Diana,
Whilst I remember Muriel Brown and the name Olive rings bells I am unable to remember a shop of the type you describe next to the Post Office. I do remember a green grocers shop next but one run by a Mrs. Parker, (Martin Parker's wife.)
The two farmers you refer to could be Leonard and Alan Hargreaves who lived at the farm near Holme Bridge.
Welcome aboard the web site. You don't need to have senior moments to join.
Godolphin Cross, Cornwall
Saturday, March 10, 2007 12:20
Hi Paul,
Thank you for your welcome to the site. I did find the picture of the Quaker Girl, but sadly was not in it. I had the role of Dianne the Parision.
It all looks so different now, that I do not know if I would recognise it, maybe I will get to see the place again, for it was beautiful and I spent happy hours there.

Diana (c. Smith nee Bedford).
Godolphin Cross, Cornwall
Saturday, March 10, 2007 12:38
Hi Allan,

Many thanks for your message, it has stirred a bit of grey matter up. Is thre a chemist by the Post office.

You are right on Leonard and Alan Hargreaves, Lenard was more my age so I did know him more. I also remember the name of the farmer who met my horse and I at Keithly, it was Ingram, he had a few children and also had trotter horses that he used to take around.

Are you still living in the village, or if not, when were you there?

I now remember farmer lister on the road upto the moors, and a Mrs Waterhouse who lived next door to Muriel. She had a son Ernest and he Muriel and Olive would be about my age - .

I will keep on trying to remember people. The Mary Bell I am sure would be known by someone, although she did go to Barnalswick I believe.
Thanks again.

Denis Pickles
Saturday, March 10, 2007 16:59
Surely the farmer at Holme Bridge was called Thompson - not Hargreaves! And it was Frank Ingham - the best trotter he ever had was called Red Admiral. Who used to ride it? Someone called 'Jed'? It used to 'fair fly' round that field at Eastburn Lane Ends when races were held there. Trotting races were in vogue shortly after the war. The field where now stands South Craven School at Crosshills was used as a race track for a few years. Great days, but the beer tent was a strictly No Go place! Tug-o-War contests used to take place between the races. My father pulled for the 'Butchers' as anchor man.
Ernest Waterhouse, who was in my form at Keighley Boys' Grammar School, was a leading member of the fur and feather club. He kept some lovely rabbits in the allotments between the Baptist Chapel graveyard and Hazel Grove. EAre there any allotments remaining or have they all been developed as housing sites?
Saturday, March 10, 2007 17:45
In answer to your questions.
The fermer that you remember would be Frank Ingham. His son Tony still lives in the village and I think his eldest son, Harry is still farming there. Frnak used to race his horses at meetings in the area and would no doubt have been banned from taking part today. His headgear was a flat cap turned back to front and I can never remember him wearing and protection of any sort. He rode like a man possessed. A character if ever there was one.
The chemist's shop was and still is in the Main Street opposite the Post Office.
Ernest Waterhouse I last heard of some time ago when I think my brother, Denis came across him on the net.
I was born in Sutton in 1938 and lived in the Bent Lane area until I left in 1956 to do National Service. I still visit whenever possible and as you will no doubt have gathered, still maintain an interest.
Allan Hargreaves now farms on the road up to Lothersdale just past the road down to Cononley. Leonard would appear to have moved as the land surrounding the farm house has now been built on.
I'm sorry that I do not remember you but when you left the village I had no real reason for visiting that end. I did, however, get sent now and again to collect repaired shoes from Elly Preston and bread from Smith's just a bit further down the street and if my bike needed repairing I had to visit the shop up the steps and consult Mr. Humphrey
All the best. I'm sure someone will remember the others you ask about.
Monday, March 12, 2007 10:46
Hello Denis,thank you for writing, I am getting quite excited, and my memory is rejuvinating.
Yes you are right about it was Leonard Thompson and not Hargraves. Also Frank Ingham with the horse. My mare was a thouroughbred, and he got me to put her in training. She was coming on beautifully, but then was ill, so she never got to the races, but had won gymkana's and shows in the Oxford area.
Was your father a butcher from Cross Hills?
When we moved to Sutton, we stayed with Mrs Waterhouse for a week or so, she and Ernest were good friends.
Is Ivy Pickles or N Pickles, who each had something to do with the Quaker Girl a relation of yours? I have just found the old programme. My Mother was on the list of Patrons -she was C Bedford.
Two more names have come to me and that is a Lister from the road going up to the moor, and a Clifford Gill - can you place them? Oh another name, -Dorothy Smith who lived in a shop a bit further down Main street than us.
Monday, March 12, 2007 10:57
Clifford Gill is still active in the village, and always raises a chuckle. You can see some photos of him over the years on the gallery pages in the Cricket Club section on the web site. His brother Bryan still lives in the village, he's involved with the Art Club.
Diana nee Bedford.
Godolphin Cross, Cornwall
Monday, March 12, 2007 11:11
Hi there Alan,
It seems that I said Leonard Hargrieves, but on reminder from Denis Pickles it was really Thompson. I did not know the other brother well at all, but at the time I presumed it was Alan. You placed the chemist where I thought it was, but it seems that our shop is no longer there. I think we were known for the ice cream we made, it really was good so soon after the war. I have the feeling it was two down from the post office.
I remember the shop further on still from ours, and I can remember Dorothy H Smith from there. There is a picture of her in the Quaker Girl programme I have searched and found. I note there were two of me in the role of Dianne - one head or shoulders and one from a scene in the play. Gosh if only the years could go backwards.
Monday, March 12, 2007 18:30
Sorry about the mistake with the surname for the farming brothers. Denis will no doubt have enjoyed answering that one correctly. ( Brotherly love I think it is called.)
Our father was a builder and no relation that I am aware of to the butcher at Crosshills. The shop that your family had in Main Street, was that sold to the Brooke family when you left? I am unable to place it. Dorothy Smith used to take part in the Sutton Amateurs productions with much enthusiasm. You mentioned Merrie England, Two of the male singers I remember in Lincoln Green were members of the Baptist Chapel choir. I think one was Alan Barrett and the other was amember of the painting and decorating firm who had a shop just a little further down the main street from where you lived.
Friday, May 4, 2007 17:44
Hello Diana,
I have again been on a memory trip around Sutton. I managed to stumble across a couple of long established Suttoners. They lent me some photos of Sutton Amateur productions which I have forwarded to Paul. Watch this space there may be more faces that you remember. I have also been talking to Doreen Baldwin, nee Brook. She now lives in Exley Head, Keighley. Her brother, David, lives near to Malsis Hall school but still shops in Sutton whenever possible. Doreen left the shop in 1956 when her father died.
Will keep my ear to the ground and let you know if I hear any more.
Diana Bedford
Godolphin Cross, Cornwall
Tuesday, May 8, 2007 18:06
Hi Alan, Sorry I had missed your letter. It seems that I had one of the photographs you found - I did not even know I had it. I may be able to add to that from a programme of The Quaker Girl.
Only one person seems to remember my mother's shop next door or next door but one to the Post Office so it much have reverted to being a shop.
Have you any news as to Friend Radcliff (have I spelt it correctly) and his daughter Olive who we all called Cynth. I also have a wedding photograph of Muriel Brown who married John Greenwood.
I am slowly learning a lot. Many thanks to you Di.
Tuesday, May 8, 2007 19:58
Glad that I can be of help. You and the others on this website have started the ball rolling for me.
Friend Ratcliffe and his wife Olive, bought a piece of land from my father in the sixties and built a bungalow in Bent Lane. Both passed away a while ago. I do not know what happened to their daughter Cynthia . I left the village in 1956 and whilst I used to visit my parents and relatives, I lost touch with many. I recently spent a pleasant hour talking to Rene Robinson and her husband Howard Brooksbank, catching up on the last fifty years. It was as a result of that conversation that I was able to borrow the photos of the amateurs productions. I note that you refer to the Tommy hall in one of your messages. It has changed very little apart from now being called the Village Hall. The Hostel, however, is now a collection of bungalows. The pictures of the main Street sent in by Alan Chapman also show how little the Main Street has altered. The park is another area that has retained much of its character. The shelters that figure in Alan's pictures are still there. They must be classed as antiques.The shop that your family had is now back to being a home with a normal sized window facing on to the street. Muriel Brown and Stuart ( as I knew him. ). I have heard nothing of for many years. One name that you may remember was John Hargreaves, my cousin, who lived at the farm opposite the hall before moving to Settle. Many names are being brought back to mind with the photographs that are being brought out of the attics.
Keep digging and see what you can find.
Diana Bedford
Godolphin Cross, Cornwall
Tuesday, May 8, 2007 20:31
Hi Alan,
Many trhanks for the additions; thoughts are still coming and I am sure that Muriel's cousins were the Thomas brothers who had a farm on the road to Cross Hills. Lenard was one I have found now some very small photos with of the 1948 youths of sutton.
Keep digging with me Diana.
Barbara Chapman
Thursday, May 10, 2007 10:25
Hi Alan, Allen and I met the Brooksbanks last Thursday in the park and they told us that you had paid them a visit. Good that this is bringing folk together again.
Just to put you right about the park shelters. They were all re-built two or three years ago when the park was refurbished, using Lottery funding. They made an excellent job of it rebuilding all the shelters exactly like the originals. Also they had replacement seats made again to the original design. I understand they were made by a firm in Cowling. On one of our walks our walking group called in to this workshop and were shown one of these seats in store, and also the moulder's pattern. The railings around the park were also re-painted & decorated with 'gold' tips. As you will have seen the park is well used and cared for.
Also you may remember Betty and Jim Monkhouse from your days at the Chapel Youth, they are my cousins. Jim and wife live in cowling Betty at crosshills. She lost her husband three years ago. Andrew Monkhouse who has added to this site is also my youngest cousin on the Monkhouse side now living in Australia. Barbara Chapman
Thursday, May 10, 2007 18:43
Hello Barbara and Allen ( Spelt correctly this time).
I cannot speak highly enough of the people responsible for the Park. It really is a credit to all concerned. Our Parks are well tended but are also vandalised on a regular basis. Bowling greens have become football grounds and the childrens play areas are occupied by those old enough to do something useful. There I am at it again, who needs Victor Meldrew.
I was aware of Betty's loss and keep up to date with her and many more from relatives in the Sutton area. I had a telephone call from Gwyneth Robinson nee Jones, the other day just wanting to go over old times. It is surprising who gets mentioned. I also attended the funeral yesterday, of Raymond Briggs. As well as his twin ,Michael, there was Christine and David. Both of whom I have not seen for many years. Edward Dobson and Ronnie Pritchard were also there. It was lovely to see them all even if the circumstances were not the best.
Keep on contributing, and look after the village.

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