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Sutton-in-Craven Parish Council
Wednesday, June 8, 2016 09:26
Information Request
I am seeking historical information on the stone trough/Well situated on Ellers Road just below Ethel Street and also the one sited on Sutton Lane.

If anyone can help please could you email

Any information would be much appreciated.

Thank you
Terry Longbottom
Wednesday, June 8, 2016 11:31
Sutton in the past had many troughs beside the two that remain
One opposite New lathe that was moved to build the Parish hall.
One next to the Smithy on Low Fold.
And the most imposing of all the Fountain that stood atop the high street, Cast iron ornamental lamp post, sign post, meeting place, trough and play area for the kids.
In the horse drawn days when cattle and sheep were moved about the village on the hoof, the troughs served a need.

Robin Longbottom
Thursday, June 9, 2016 07:57
The well at the bottom of Ellers is known as Dow Well. It was once the principal supply of spring water for the houses in Ellers. Two early 20th C photos of it can be seen in the Glyn Whiteoak Collection in the Gallery (Ellers Section), both show children with buckets drawing water. It was still in use for drinking water into the 1950's, my late father-in-law, Ralph Hodgson, told me that it was very sweet, clear water. It became contaminated in the early 1960's and the water was diverted and the well filled with concrete. It was re-opened in the late 1970's or 80's but has not been maintained and kept clear.

The one on Sutton Lane is opposite Well Street in Sutton Mill, it is on the left as you enter the village. This well supplied water to the houses at the lower end of Sutton Mill, my aunt Lizzie Norton lived in Well Street in the the early 1900's and used to recall drawing water from it. It can be seen in the photograph No. 2 in the Main Street Section of Glyn's historic photos, a small boy with a bucket is standing next to it.

Both wells are part of the village history and deserve a little more attention and maintenance. If they were in Derbyshire they would be sprucing them up about now and dressing them with flowers.
Sutton-in-Craven Parish Council
Thursday, June 9, 2016 08:56
Terry and Robin,
Thank you very much for the information.
I will pass your comments on.

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