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Derek Bowers
Sutton in Craven
Thursday, December 24, 2015 09:36
new years eve party
any one know if its true that the new year party In the village hall is cancelled.
Paul Wilkinson
Thursday, December 24, 2015 10:01
Hi Derek - I can't give a definite answer, but a couple of days ago I was asked to remove the advert from the events page.
Derek Bowers
Sutton in Craven
Thursday, December 24, 2015 10:07
you would have thought that it would have been made public on here.first the bonfire now the party.time for a change.
David Harrison-Young
Sutton Village Committee
Thursday, December 24, 2015 12:46
In response Derek according to our records you have never attended or supported any of the functions Sutton Village Committee hold at the Village Hall - either the New Year's Eve Party or others throughout the year, therefore I fail to see how this affects yourself. Those who were attending are aware of the reasons and understand.

Historically the New Year's Eve party was set to have been stopped 12 years ago by the previous committee and its officers as it was on its third year of loosing money, therefore was deemed unsustainable in the past.

Furthermore regarding the bonfire and fireworks display this was not cancelled it was not put on due to many factors including the lack of volunteers (partly due to how some members of the public saw fit to be abusive towards the volunteers) and some of which were beyond our control.

It's also worth noting we regularly appeal for volunteers to help with events be it functions at the hall or the Funday and Bonfire - yet you don't seem to put forward and lend a hand, just post negative comments on this forum complaining.

I put many hundreds of hours of my time for free into the village committee each year and it seems very few others can even spare a few hours to lend a hand. Maybe if a few more hours were put in helping out at community events instead of spent moaning then events would be a lot easier to stage.

And yes I was the one who was out volunteering with the contractors in the cold, wet, and wild wind putting up all the lights on the lampposts around the village for all the villagers to enjoy over the festive season - not to mention all the hours of preparation, Negotiations and subsequent wind damage issues afterwards.

All of which is done for free for the village - how many volunteers would be prepared to do all this and truly volunteer (as in not get paid)

Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone on behalf of Sutton Village Committee.
Derek Bowers
Sutton in Craven
Thursday, December 24, 2015 15:04
new year don't affect me but I was asked to find out.i didn't know that you keep records on who attends any function.
David Harrison-Young
Sutton Village Committee
Thursday, December 24, 2015 16:38
Hi we know who attends the Sutton Village Committee events for the risk assessments, there is a table plan and people are seated within the hall so it's their table for the night.
Also to mention we aren't a council or rate payer funded organisation we are just an independent group of volunteers
David Laycock
Melbourne Australia
Saturday, December 26, 2015 12:44
WELL said David. It's always the same, quick to complain, but bloody slow to offer help. It's a common factor around the world. As they say over here, good on ya mate for your services to the local community.
Derek Bowers
Sutton in Craven
Saturday, December 26, 2015 15:32
david laycock got nothing to do with you,but have you ever wondered why they cannot get volunteers to work with him.and by the way on the day when the lights went up there was a gang of volunteers putting up xmas trees around the village.of witch the profits goes to the schools in the village.and if you want to see the profits from this ,you just need to ask unlike the village committee.
David Harrison-Young
Sutton Village Committee
Saturday, December 26, 2015 17:13
Firstly thank you David Laycock for your kind words.

In response to Derek We appreciate that there was a group of volunteers putting trees on people's houses and businesses who paid the appropriate fee to the volunteers for the service, then the profits will be donated.

The Christmas lights on the lampposts were done at no cost to the Village, I volunteered my time and the village committee fundraise to cover the cost of purchasing, maintaining, storing and replacing the lights as well as paying the contractors from ringways for their time and the cherry picker van so that the village as a whole has some festive cheer.

I refuse to see how one individual being negative and throwing insults is at all appropriate on a public forum and is another example of volunteers getting abuse (although not face to face), everyone is entitled to their opinions, but to be so nasty is not the thing to do.
Plenty of people and groups are happy with Sutton Village Committee and what they contribute to the village. If anyone has any questions my number is widely available as is the committee email address-
Derek Bowers
Sutton in Craven
Saturday, December 26, 2015 17:41
the forum mite not be the place but it is the best that we for questions no1why do we never see the profit sheet .no2 why do we never know when your meetings are.no3 why do we not see you asking for volunteers on the forum.no4 why don't you tell the truth why the bonfire could not be held.and as for insults I only tell the truth and only ask for the truth in return.and as for face to face if you tell me and many many more people will be glad to can you please post on the forum when this can take place,
David Harrison-Young
Sutton Village Committee
Saturday, December 26, 2015 17:45
Further to my last post I will not be posting or replying to further messages on here I give enough of my free time to helping with projects in the village without having to spend more of my free time to monitor and respond on here as well.
Merry Christmas to all
Derek Bowers
Sutton in Craven
Saturday, December 26, 2015 18:06
just as I though,so where and when will answers face to face take the rest of the people reading this,dont it make you think that there something wrong when he wont answer even face to face.i could do with more support from the people that think the same way as I do.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Saturday, December 26, 2015 20:50
People can be drainers or replenishers, some take whilst others give
Well done David as the latter choice is how you have chosen to live
Choice being the operative word, we are all capable of giving or taking
Many choose to give whilst others seem to be constantly bellyaching
Unsung volunteers by the tens of millions are the quiet heroes of the day
The world is awash with such people donating their time and all for no pay
But white is meaningless without black, up without down, cheer without boo
So David the givers and the takers put into perspective the great work you do
Stephen Spencer Place
Monday, December 28, 2015 16:46
My family and I would like to express our appreciation to the Village Committee, and especially David, for the wonderful display of Christmas Lights again this year. David, you are a brave chap to balance on the top of a cherry picker 20 feet in the air in gale force winds! Our thanks are also given to the Kings Arms Volunteers for erecting OVER 90 CHristmas trees, a super job yet again, the small but dedicated group who organise the "SANTA TOUR" bringing a little bit of magic to the lives of our kiddies, the United Churches of South Craven for the walking nativity,and the happy band who organise "Carols in the Park" in-spite of very heavy rain and gusting winds. And our special thoughts today are for those unfortunate Suttoners who's homes were flooded on Boxing Day.To all who gave of their time to help make my family Christmas so special......THANK YOU.
David Laycock
Melbourne Australia
Tuesday, December 29, 2015 13:10
It has a lot to do with people living overseas, like me, who where born and bred in the village, and due to them being many kms. away, doesn't meant that we are not interested in the events in Sutton. It seems that there are a few more that appreciate the work of David and other volunteers during the Christmas preparations. Volunteer to help with these type of projects Derek, then you would be able to keep up with what is happening. I'm sure a lot of old people appreciated the work done by the volunteers.
Denis Marshall Pickles
Tuesday, December 29, 2015 14:07
Which parts of Sutton were affected by flooding at the weekend?
Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, December 29, 2015 16:27
Hi Denis - I've added a few deluge photos to the gallery.
Joan M. Tindale
Thursday, December 31, 2015 21:53
Thanks for the flooding photos - tragic - but we didn't even have the leave the house to see it all!

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