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Steven Brown
Wednesday, October 14, 2015 07:50
Bonfire 2015
Does anyone have details of this year's Sutton bonfire, I assume there will be one?
David Harrison-Young
Sutton Village Committee
Wednesday, October 14, 2015 15:11
Please see our announcement on
Sutton Village Committee
Karen Hayton
Wednesday, October 14, 2015 20:37

David Harrison-Young, I have been onto the link you mention above & have read your announcement.

I then commented on the post just stating what a shame this was & that maybe holding the event on Halloween last year could have been a factor. The village is filled with families & children. These people were milling about all over the village on the night & maybe the people outside of the gates were just passers by & had stopped to watch for 5 minutes & maybe not all people were deliberately trying not to pay. The loss of money could also have been due to the fact that people were out for Halloween & not attending the bonfire. Maybe keeping the event of the bonfire would have been best left on Bonfire Night, as per previous years & the cancellation may have been avoided. The event has been going for years & has never seemed to have any problems.

My comment was deleted though & deleted once again when I commented again. Then I was blocked from commenting again altogether & blocked from contacting Sutton Village Committee.

Please can you explain why my messages were deleted & why I was blocked?

I have the right to an opinion & voice, just as you do. However, your actions do not give out a good impression at all.

David Harrison-Young
Sutton Village Committee
Thursday, October 15, 2015 07:35
Hi I think this may have been a technical glitch as the post has been very popular and has been sending my phone haywire with notifications and alerts.

The in response the comments you make above do not appreciate the all aspects of the content and reasoning for the announcement.

The event hasn't been on bonfire night for many years, the Halloween suggestion was made following feedback from previous events so that the children already out in fancy dress could come after they have been around the village and we even held Fancy dress competitions hosted by a children's Dj/ entertainer with prizes and the opportunity to push the button to start the fireworks.

The bonfire / fireworks display has always lost a significant amount of money for various reasons especially in these times as there are a lot of safety provisions and a quality display costs.
Also it's worth noting if the village committee hadn't taken the event on many years ago from the previous group who were not able to continue with it then there wouldn't have been an event for all these years.

There has been year on year an increasing tendency to not pay or contribute wether this is by the entrances (which in itself affects the risk assessments) or a bit further afield or holding house parties in the vicinity pulling a number to go watch there for free.

The event has had problems every year and has only still been running for a number of years due to the efforts of the very few often giving three weeks solid out of their paid job to pull all the factors and paperwork together, run the event and clear up after.
These few along with volunteers on the night are then subject to a load of abusive comments and even as was the case last year physically threatening behaviour which cannot be tolerated.

We need a certain amount of people to safely run the event
How many people do you know who would give up a few hours or a whole day or the weekend for Free? Did anyone you know offer a few hours? Or like many did they assume it would just happen as it always does?
The request is made each year for people to volunteer and few come forward.
Therefore all factors considered the decision was made after last years event not to plan one for this year.
David Harrison-Young
Sutton Village Committee

Karen Hayton
Thursday, October 15, 2015 08:39

It just seems very strange to be blocked from commenting on the post & blocked from contacting the Sutton Village Committee group also - as was my sister when she commented. I could understand a technical glitch not posting comments but cannot understand the blocking. I shared your post in the end on my facebook page & wrote my comments on there, to which I've had a few likes & a few shares too, so I guess people will make their own mind up. However, thank you for putting your explanation forward.

I completely understand the aspect of where you are coming from with the abuse - this is totally out of order & people shouldn't be subjected to this behaviour at all.

I also appreciate all your other comments & obviously you have thought about all this at great length before making the decision. In my opinion it is just a shame to have to cancel such an event that has been held for years & always seemed to be a great success & to blame it on the general public, for one factor or another, is very unfair.

I know there is a Sutton Village Committee, but the only time I hear of you is at an event. I've only recently just found this website & your facebook page. Maybe more efforts could go into getting people more aware of the committee, more publicity, more information for people who can join the committee or volunteer for events, etc. You may already do this & I'm just unaware, & in this case, then fair enough. Maybe there could be some fundraising events, selling tickets, etc. throuhout the year that could help this event get back up & running. Maybe holding the event on the usual night you do as previous years. Maybe changing the venue of the event. There are lots of factors that could be looked into.

I do hope Sutton Village Commitee change their minds for next year - or maybe someone else will take over.

I shall leave it at that.


Derek Bowers
Sutton in Craven
Thursday, October 15, 2015 08:44
is there enough interest in having an old type bonfire?we just need to get together find a place to have it and take it from there,there would be no charge,bring your own toffe, parkin,pies etc,if you would like to help please show your support on this web site.if we get enough helpers we will then get together and get stuck in.
David Harrison-Young
Sutton Village Committee
Thursday, October 15, 2015 09:05
To anyone considering their own event all we can say is there are a lot of factors, regulations and safety distances (even for just a bonfire) to be adhered to, risk assessments and public liability insurance (which when it involves fire is costly) has to be in place for any event.
Not to mention the hard work doing the event and the cleanup.
Why do you think so many have fallen by the wayside over the years? Look at how few are left in local area.

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