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Robin Longbottom
Friday, July 25, 2014 20:30
Bottom Chip Shop
The bottom fish and chip shop was run by Mr & Mrs Baldwin. They had a son and daughter, Geoffrey and Hazel. It closed about the time Bairstow's Mill went bust and re-opened some years later. The top fish shop was run by David Coleman, originally at Fall Bridge he moved it to the King's Arms yard. George Spencer bought it from David Coleman and after he retired Stanley Matthews ran it for a while. When the mills were running the queue on Friday lunchtime went from the King's Arms yard round the cottage and right up alongside the railings almost to the door of the pub. You had to get there before the mill buzzer went for lunch, it could be heard right up the village, or you had a good 20 or 30 minutes to wait. In the evening it was open from about 7.30 through till after 11 pm. My recollection of David Coleman, when I was a boy, was that he always grumbled if you only bought chips - "Haven't you got a frying pan at your house?" Consequently he was a favourite target on Mischief Night, so I believe!
David Laycock
Melbourne Australia
Saturday, July 26, 2014 03:02
Hello Robin,
I remember David he lived at the other end of Crag View, we were No10.
He aways pepared his batter at home (and I can remember him walking round to the shop with his buckets of batter), and the rest around the back on Low Fold, forgot name. He was the first to get a TV on Crag View and we were allowed to go in and watch about 4 pm I think. Lone Ranger etc. I knocked around a bit with Barry and Ken Grosvener, the grandkids. Good memories.

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