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Monday, February 19, 2007 14:40
Village "committee"
A silence seems to have descended on the members of the "committee" and their supporters since I requested information on the Agenda for the AGM to be held on Friday at the King's Arms and also as to how members are elected and by whom to the "committee" and length of office,terms of reference etc

By definition (OED) a committee is a body elected by a larger body to represent their interests.The title used infers that the committee have been elected by the Village

Is this the case or is it a collection of family ,friends and neighbours who have taken it upon themselves to adopt the title Sutton Village and confer upon themselves the titles of Chairman,Secretary etc.I note that "Dawn" invited people to "join" the committe - one is normally elected to a committee but joins a club

Any information on the status of the Committee and how they are able to use the title Sutton Village Committee appreciated
Laurence Smith MBE
Wednesday, February 21, 2007 20:55
I am sure the committee have enough to do at present with the AGM looming! I am attending the meeting and hopefully joining up to assist. I am a retired Colonel and I can spare the time in between sitting on committees. I have lived in the village 8 months and I am impressed with what the village has got to offer. I am pro - Lights, Fun Day, Bonfire and other activities that the majority of the village are proud of. Stan I am unable to give you any information of the status of the Committee and how they are able to use the title Sutton Village Committee - why don't you join me on Friday night for a pint and we can we can find out.
Thursday, February 22, 2007 18:32
What a refreshing approach, someone who actually appreciates what others are doing for the village. How I wish that I still had soething to do with the village directly. Take up the cudgle, Laurence, and keep the spirit going. To Stan, I can only say " do you have what it takes to take up the invitation?"
Friday, February 23, 2007 13:24
Hi Alan and Laurence

thanks for your comments which appear to give the impression that you think I am denigrating the efforts of the "committee" in their various activities. I'm not and haven't previously done so

My request for information was prompted solely by the rather high handed replies from current and past Chairmen in reply to some of the contributors (not me I might add) on the subject of Christmas Lights.Particularly the reference to the "Constitution" which was then deemed not to be for public availability, isn't this rather indicative of a superior attitude ? Is there indeed such a document ?Perhaps Laurence may find out tonight.These letters were also rather lengthy and I fail to see how the committee could not find time to forward a copy of the Agenda to the webmaster for public viewing before any AGM while finding time to indulge in what seemed to be bickering in public

Being from a military background Laurence I'm sure you will appreciate that committees are elected /appointed and not by invitation or self appointment.Again perhaps you could let me know after your attendance at the AGM the credentials for using the title Sutton Village Committee and as to how the officials are elected

To Alan, thanks for inviting me to join the Sutton Village Committee but I already do volunteer work for two South Craven organisations ,particularly the elderly, and do not wish to take on any more AND I don't expect any bouquets

Friday, February 23, 2007 18:47
Stan, I had no intention of demeaning your comments and thank you for taking the banter in good part. I appreciate that many people do work for various organisations on a voluntary basis with no desire for admiration or praise from others. The reason I got involved in this was because I object to those who do nothing other than sit criticising others who try.
Keep up the good work.
Saturday, February 24, 2007 10:51
I assure you no offence taken Alan.Constructive comments ,unlike some of the diatribe from both parties on the Christmas Lights subject, always welcome

It's always good to see you trying to engender some enthusiasm for the Forum,even though sometimes it may seem as though it's a case of turn the lights off on the way out !! Was it you or Dennis who made that observation in some previous communication ?

Please say hello to Janet (ex Suttoner) ,Ken and Benji next time you speak to them
Saturday, February 24, 2007 18:35
This medium gives us an opportunity to keep in touch with the village without having to bore the pants off those present. At least those persons reading can quickly skip over anything that is not of interest. I also appreciate that, no longer being a resident of Sutton, anyone wishing to tell me to mind my own business is justified in doing so. As I said earlier ,I have a deep and longlasting affection for the village in which I spent my childhood and teenage years. Look after it Stan and anyone else who has grown to love it.
I should have been meeting with the Trio mentioned tonight but unfortunately it is not to be.

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