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Liz Kildunne
Monday, July 7, 2014 20:39
Local Plan Contact Information and Sutton Lane Planning Application
Dear All

many thanks for those who attended the Parish Council Meeting tonight to discuss the application for 29 new houses on two green fields on the approach to the village off Sutton Lane. Please spread the word, and anyone else who can volunteer to do some leafleting, please contact me on 01535633977.

As promised, see the details for both the Sutton Lane application (the one with a single planning notice on a lonely lamp-post on the wrong side of the road so you'd get run over if you stopped to read it!!!!)

Application No: 66/2014/14777

Local Plan Progress/Process:

You can sign up to receive updates too:

There are suggested sites for development at that page which are open to consultation


Hope this is useful to everyone.

Best Wishes

Liz Kildunne
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 07:02
Dear All

there are about 47 objections in currently, which is a good start, but we really need a lot more. Also, comments about losing the lovely view don't count as material in planning applications. If anyone wants some help on what kind of objections may count, please either call me on 633977 or 07798698599 or leave me a message on the forum. We need to concentrate on road safety, outside development limits, damaging character and quality of open countryside, loss of the natural gateway to the village, loss of green wedge between villages, sewerage capacity at Aire Valley Trunk - I read another 147 houses approved for Eastburn, so that's another 367 to be built in Eastburn/Steeton, flooding, local services, etc.
Please note that this is only an outline planning application - the current design looks "quite pretty", if you can call housing instead of green fields pretty, however, I have grave concerns that if granted, the land will be sold to developers, who will then be in a stronger position to change both the design of the estate and the number of houses - I heard that Skipton Properties were in those fields surveying last year.
Please help to stop this in its tracks.
robert chippendale
United Kingdom
Friday, October 24, 2014 10:36
75 houses brings least 100 extra vehicle's the village can not take any more traffic
and remember we have a large amount of elderly people living in the area,its bad now the
the way the speed through the village,
are the planners aware the problems we have getting a doctors appointment its about a months
wait unless its urgent,
and lets not forget the road out of the village towards eastburn have no footpaths .

ps i am one of the elderly that live here.
Liz Kildunne
Saturday, October 25, 2014 18:35
Dear All

only a week left to get your comments/objections in to CDC regarding the Local Plan - closing date is 3rd November. Please, please, make your views known. This will shape the future of our village for the next 15 years. 75 houses on Sutton Lane on green fields - lots of reasons why this is a bad idea. Let's make our voices heard everyone.

Online at:

BD23 1FJ

Thanks all
Elaine Polshaw
Holme Lane, Sutton in Craven
Monday, October 27, 2014 07:01
Please as Liz says let your views be known to the council. Once the green fields have gone and the village is changed almost beyond recognition it will be too late to reverse it.

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