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Terry Longbottom
Sunday, March 23, 2014 16:03
how it is
And so. Once more the people with the biggest stick, the most persistent and loudest voice have forced their opinion upon the rest of us. Those among us that think they have a god given right to go and do anything that they want
The woodland trust have capitulated upped stumps and taken their bat home. The SUTTON wood created specifically without any footpaths, to give privacy to a mill owners house(that also was in Sutton), will now degrade even further.
The brambles, wild garlic, nettles, stinking lilies, ivy and the rest of the so called weed are required to support the wildlife and ensure the regeneration of the wood. Any drainage that existed before the trees were planted will have been destroyed by the root systems of the trees thus creating the waterlogged areas that are part of a living wood. small areas of woodland cannot withstand the excessive footfall demands made upon them in this day and age without the support of some kind of defensive management like that the woodland Trust was trying to provide in this case,
Some people may call this decision to dismantle the fence a victory, I myself regard it as a retrograde step.
Denis Marshall Pickles
Sunday, March 30, 2014 17:38
If I ever get the chance, I must try and do the walk between the 1900 Bridge and Glusburn Bridge, along the fence and walls separating Horsfalls Wood from the fields, through the stiles and past the Red Barn, just to see how things have changed in my lifetime. In my time the wood was definitely out of bounds (though that doesn't mean that it was not entered) We had a rope swing attached to the branch of a tree close to the 1900 Bridge and it was used frequently until Col Bateman had it dismantled,
Terry Longbottom
Monday, March 31, 2014 13:08
Dennis. When you get round to your walk donít take you bearings from the red barn its gone south, itís been moved 400 yds to the other side of bent lane and transformed into a house.

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