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David Laycock
Thursday, November 14, 2013 05:09
Hello from Kiribati in the middle of the Pacific.
We had a personal Rememberance Day in Kiribati, as they tend to recognise Anzac Day more.
For those who are not aware there was a big battle in the Pacific, Battle of Tarawa which was fought just up the road, (road Ha ha) and the 70th anniversary is to be commemorated on Weds. The ambassadors of USA, AUS, NZ, FIJI etc are attending, we are, although not in my ambassadorial role!!!!!!!! We is Sally and I.
Sally currently teaching here. Her role is to train the Trainers and up their skill levels to Aussie standards. You may have heard that Kiribati is one of the first islands to be affected by " Global Warming"?????????? The first is suposed to be Tuvalu
This is a 13 week assignment in Nandi Fiji of which 2x 2weeks are in Kiribati. Weather, Hot and Hotter! I came out to go to the 2nd Kiribati fortnight and return to Nandi for two weeks. Enjoy the Cool climate I don't mind the hot weather as long their is some water to swim in. South Tarawa where we are has not got the best santary all though their toilet bowl is very big, called a lagoon. Better further North! Regards to all.

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