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David Harrison-Young
Sutton Village Committee
Thursday, July 4, 2013 15:28
Tribute to Mr Roy Wilkinson
Today was the Funeral of our Life President Mr Roy Wilkinson
I Just wanted to say a few words as Chairman of Sutton Village Committee.
Roy was a founder member of the Village Committee 25 years ago back in 1988. Roy worked hard for the Village to build a strong committee and over more recent years took a back step from the day-to-day committee and became our Life President. At the last Annual General Meeting he attended he said to me 'You're doing a good job lad' which coming from Roy - a man of few words, meant a lot to myself.
The Village should be proud of what has been achieved over the years with the ongoing community events - Funday, Bonfire & Fireworks Display and the beautiful Christmas Lights around the Village.
All of this is from what Roy Started, So I will carry on what Roy Started and hope Roy is looking down and continuing to be Proud.
On Behalf of All the Village

David Harrison Young
Sutton Village Committee
Paul Wilkinson
Monday, July 8, 2013 20:30
Thanks for that David, there's also a lovely tribute to Roy on the Parish Council website.

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