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Robin Longbottom
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 08:52
Sutton Cross Moline
The cross moline was the heraldic device of the Copley family, once Lords of the Manor of Sutton and appears on at least three of the village boundary markers - Sutton Stoop, Pole Stoop and a boulder on the boundary with Eastburn (thanks to Terry Longbottom for that one). Does anyone know if there are any other such boundary marks around the village? Has anyone seen one on the Hitchinstone?

Moline comes from the old French for mill, an iron 'clamp' in the form of a cross was used to hold down the top millstone.

Just out of interest Sutton stoop has been claimed by Bradford Met and appears on their list of scheduled monuments - cheeky so and so's.
Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 09:28
Hi Robin - yes, there's definitely a Cross Moline on top of the Hitching Stone. It's pictured on this page in the Sutton Rambling Club section (you might spot one of your relatives in some of the snaps).

There's also what I think is one on the bridge wall near the very top of West Lane (on the flat bit), don't think I have a photo of that (not to hand anyway), I can let you have the grid ref if you're interested.

There's also one on a boulder below Cowling Pinnacle, see this forum topic.

I've also seen a stone with a "C" marked on it adjacent to a farm wall in Aden. Don't know the significance of this, I've got a photo of it somewhere.

Some info in Sam Riley's posts in this topic about Brush Farm may be of interest too.

Terry Longbottom
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 19:05
Regarding the boundary markers marked with the Copley heraldic cross they can all be found on the 1848 ordinance survey map they rather effectively trace the Sutton bounds when Copley was lord of the manor.
the cross that robin refers to as Sutton/ Eastburn boundary is in fact the Sutton /Steeton boundary with Summer House
Robin Longbottom
Thursday, May 2, 2013 15:10
Thanks for the information. Now the weather has faired up I'll take a walk up to the Hitchinstone. I have also noted a large stoop at the back of the wall on the road to Slippery Ford - on the boundary with Oakworth. It's right up against the wall to I can't see if there is a mark on it.

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