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Sarah Hammond
Soon to be Suttoner
Saturday, January 12, 2013 13:06
This is my first contribution to this site, so let me start off by saying hi to you all.

I am hoping some of you might be able to help me with something.

We are looking to buy a house in Sutton, specifically in the Manse Way / Hawthorns area. We have had the solicitors do searches on the house in question, and we are quite worried to see that the area has a high risk of flooding.

We know the house flooded once eight years ago, although this seems to have been a one off occurance. Is there anyone who could give me the details of what actually happened? Also I'm interested to know how other people who live in that area feel about flooding, whether it is something which worries you, specifically if there is anyone who has just bought a house there.

I'd also appreciate it if anyone could advise whether they've had any issues getting buildings insurance or whether they have had to pay a premium for it.

The other issue seems to be that the ground is an area of natural subsidence. Possibly these are two of the worst things we could expect to see on a search!

We do love the house and the area, and think we could be happy there for a long time, but obviously this concerns us, especially with how the weather has been this year, and predictions that it is going to continue being wet for years to come.

Any answers greatfully appreciated
Paul Wilkinson
Sunday, January 13, 2013 09:56
Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum!

My home was affected by the 2004 flood, which was unusual in that the houses along the side of the beck weren't flooded but houses further away were. This was due to a unique set of circumstances which, in my opinion, will not be repeated.

Future floods may possibly affect the houses along the beck side but I'm so confident that a repeat of the 2004 event will not happen that I elected to pay a 2000 excess in the event of a future insurance claim for flooding.

Stephen Bielby
Sutton in Craven
Monday, January 14, 2013 10:16
I got insured via the Co-Op with no problem as did my neighbour (who got quite badly flooded). Again this was nothing to do with the beck. It happened before we moved to the area and did not even show as a problem on our searches etc back in 2007. I think though since we moved to the area a lot has changed with the insurance companies though, especially them tryng to cover themselves.

As far as I have been made aware the flood you refer to was down to the football pitch filling up with water (it had solid gates holding all the water in) and some bright spark opened up the gates and released the torrent! Not sure if thats factualy correct but thats what lots of people have told me.
Jean Boreham
Sutton resident
Thursday, January 17, 2013 18:57
I have lived off Manse Way since 1968. We were flooded in 2004 and as Paul the webmaster says, it was a set of unique circumstances which caused the flood. I do not lose any sleep when we have heavy rainfall.
I think all insurance companies are now being very cautious because of flooding elsewhere and this affects everyone.
Jacky Dickinson
Thursday, January 17, 2013 20:38
I live off Manse Way and the co-op insures us for a very reasonable sum and no excess. You don't need to worry about the circumstances of 2004 happening again, and the envirnment agency monitors the beck levels.
Sarah Hammond
Soon to be Suttoner
Monday, January 21, 2013 18:50
Hi all.

Thank you for your responses. The insurance companies are definitely trying to cover themselves, it's not a great time to be looking at a house which is in an area of high risk according to the environmental agency.

Paul, can you give any further details on the 'unique circumstances'? We have heard a few different stories and if it weren't for the photographs on your website I'd almost think it was an urban myth ,o)

It's very difficult to know what to think, and I appreciate any feedback received. If I could ever wish to be able to see into the future...

Many thanks.
Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 12:18
Hi Sarah, I've sent you an email.
Brian Sanderson
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 14:54
Hello Sarah, we have a 'Holme Beck Flood Action Group' there have been a number of floods in the village that I know of 1938, 1942, 1967 and 2004. Many residents feel that 2004 was a 'one-off'. There could be another 'one-off' so I feel it is best to be prepared to work to prevent the dire consequences of flooding, hence the group. 54 houses on the Shielings Estate occurred in 2004. If you require any more details please ring me 01535 637127 Brian Sanderson Flood Warden
Jacky Dickinson
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 21:18
Remembering of course that the houses we are talking about had only just been built in 1967. They have been flooded twice, 40 years apart, so you should be safe for a while, Sarah.
Margaret Bye
The Hawthorns
Saturday, February 2, 2013 11:22
As a resident who has lived here for 22 years may I add my knowledge on the subject of flooding. The only flood asfaras I am aware was the one experienced in 2004. This was a very unfortunate one-off occurrence when a sluice gate to an old mill pond in Lothersdale was opened because somebody considered it was in danger of flooding!!
This caused thousands of gallons of water to sweep down the hillside bringing with it
many large logs and tree trunks. These eventually blocked up under the bridges causing the water to back up and overflow. As I understand it The Environmental Department have now taken over the care of the beck (now designated a river I believe) and they are the only key holders to the sluice gates and these can only be opened by them. The surrounding meadows have been cleared of logs and any other debris. Flooding on the football pitch was not the cause of the flooding but was affected by it.
Terry Longbottom
Thursday, February 7, 2013 15:11
The 1967 Flood. Before houses were built on the land next to the manse, in wet weather a small area next to Holme lane held some standing water, in 1965 when B B KIRK built the 1st phase that area was filled and lifted to meet the Holme lane levels.
in later years when the houses in Cedar Grove were under construction , a top water drain was installed to discharge into the river Holme about 60mts downstream of the 1900 bridge during construction some material fell into the river forming a small island. During heavy rain a tree floated downstream and lodged against the small island, debris caught in the branches forming a dam, hence the 1967 shielings flood.

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