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Denis Marshall Pickles
Thursday, October 18, 2012 18:48
Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads [and Lasses]
On the East wall of the 'Big Hall' in Sutton Council School there used to be an Honours Board which carried the names of pupils who won Scholarships or who had passed an examination which enabled them to move to the Grammar School etc.. The board was last seen forming part of a shed in the allotments in Crag Lane! I can well remember the names which were inscribed in 1945 - mine was one of eleven who passed the eleven plus examination and we all began our secondary education in September 1945 at either the Boys' or Girls Grammar School in Keighley. That's over 67 years ago now - a long time - and although I know how life has treated some of my old friends, [I'm in touch with Peter Barsby] others seem to have simply disappeared and I would welcome news of them.
The names on the Honours Board for 1945 were Peter Barsby, Frank Blackie*, Alan Chatterton, Audrey Driver*, Christine Fieldhouse, Doreen Horn, Leonard Marklew, myself [Denis Pickles], Peter Wilson, Peter Lee and Peter Wilcock*.
Alan Chatterton lived up West Lane or on the Hall estate. After leaving the Grammar School I think he became a reporter on the Keighley News.
Christine Fieldhouse lived at Holme Bridge.
Doreen Horn lived in Town Hall Yard, Crosshills. She was very, very bright and probably went on to be an academic.
Peter Wilson worked for Keighley Co-op as an undertaker - maybe he is still around.
Peter Lee lived in Steeton where his mother ran a shop on Skipton Road.
The names marked * are known to have died.
Brenda Whitaker
Queensland Australia
Thursday, October 18, 2012 23:55
Hi Denis - funny you should mention that honours board - I wondered about it when we visited and again more recently when some name prompted me...I would loved to have shown my grand daughters but as part of a shed wall it wouldnt have been the same ! haha. What a shame about its demise too.
If Alan Chatterton or his wife Jane (Walker) doesn't see your posting I can tell you they settled in the south of France after living in many parts of the world during their working life. Other than dear old Peter Barsby I dont have a clue on the others.
Denis Marshall Pickles
Friday, October 19, 2012 16:32
Thanks for that Brenda. I'm pleased to hear that Alan Chatterton is alive, and hopefully, well. Pe3rhaps it's not surprising that I hadn't heard anything about him if he has spent most of his life abroad. Do you think I should know his wife? Jane Walker rings a bell, but I know not why!
Alan Pickles
Friday, October 19, 2012 18:05
Jane Walker was in my class at the the Council School. If you look at Mrs. Belton's class photograph you will find her there. Doreen Horn is, I think, still living in Crosshills. Brenda lives the other side of the world but seems to be more in touch than either you or I.
David Boddy
Sutton Amateurs
Thursday, November 8, 2012 21:36
Peter Wilson died several years ago. Peter and his wife Joan were my next door neighbours in Keighley. The most delightful couple you would ever wish to meet.
Alan Smith
Friday, November 9, 2012 07:39
Regarding the honours board in the hall at the council school this was followed by a honours book displayed in a display case mounted in the hall.The council school was very proud of its record numbers of pupils passing for the local Grammer Schools,the majority of my class successful in passing their 11plus,I myself being in the unmentioned minority.

Denis Marshall Pickles
Friday, November 9, 2012 14:57
Thanks for the update David. .............. another name to be marked with an asterix. I think the last time I saw Peter would be in 1950 when we were in the 5th form together at KBGS. Pleased to read that he was so highly thought of!

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