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Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Thursday, September 20, 2012 00:50
Is there a local nominal roll for Suttoners who served in WW1?
Hi, I'm interested in finding out whether a complete list of names exists for all Suttoners who served during the Great War.

We already know that 241 men from Sutton served & returned and 40 'fallen' did not return. Quite a lot is known about the 40 'Fallen' servicemen, but it's the surviving 241 men that I would like more information on if possible.

I have a list of 20 definitely from Sutton (including your dad David) and another 105 that cover Sutton, Crosshills & Glusburn, but I’m after the whole lot and just from Sutton!

There are only 2 places I can think that may have a complete nominal roll of all who served.

1. Inside St Thomas’ Church or possibly the Chapel
2. Parish Council committee minutes 1914 – 1918

It’s also possible that the Bairstow’s & Hartley’s kept records of mill workers who enlisted. Or maybe a local book was published with the names to commemorate the peace celebration of 1919. I am of course clutching at straws here! I suspect no such list exists although it bloody well should do considering what these men had to go through.

Anyway, if anybody knows anything please yell out, I’m all ears!
David Laycock
Friday, September 21, 2012 20:42
Hi Andrew,
I am currently in Cowling and will be moving up to the Lakes District on the 29th.
I don't know where to start either, but agree with your comments.
Joan M. Tindale
Saturday, September 22, 2012 13:56
I did lists and also two albums of our Cowling men who lost their lives - 59 WW1 and 10 in WW2 - always updating with any new information. I have the list of our Bar Chapel men who "served", and there is a list at Cowling Hill Baptists of those who "served" -some of these lost their lives, others didn't - there was also one in the old cricket pavilion, another in Ickornshaw chapel, and I have an old Hartleys Mill wages book which gives details of those who had gone to WW1 - those who were under age and those who were too old- so our Cowling details were in quite a few places, some now demolished - would ask John Richardson of Craven's Part in the Great War site, he is very good. I also wondered where the full list had got to - think I do have a list of our men who went to WW2. Yes, Parish Council minutes for 1914 might have some info., or even the local newspapers in Skipton or Keighley libraries. Did they go to Halifax to enlist - maybe there is some info.there?
David Laycock
Sunday, September 23, 2012 08:44
HI Andrew and Joan,
Funny we are staying at Cowling Hill Farm next to the Chapel which I gather is having it Harvest Festival today. We won't be attending, as we are off down to Sutton Baptist with my cousin Ruth and David.
Regards David.
My local Mob is 07831482461 should anyone wish to get in contact with me.

Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Thursday, November 1, 2012 12:52
I'm trying to compile a complete list of the 241 men from Sutton who 'served & returned' during WW1. So far I've managed to put together 60 names drawn from various sources including service files that survived the London Blitz in 1940 (70% were destroyed), newspaper extracts from WW1, Great war pension files, historical extracts here on this website, etc.

There is the Air Raid Wardens photo from 1940 in the gallery complete with all the names and many of them donning Great War medals. But I need to be certain that they both served AND lived in Sutton at the time of the Great War – does anybody know?

In addition, the following names were supplied by Tony Ingham as being first owners of ‘The Acres’ blocks. Would these 10 men definitely have been from Sutton prior to the war? I’m assuming they would have been, hence being beneficiaries of this donated land.

Ernest Bennett
Ernest Berry
Harry Daffern
Hubert Ellison
Mr Horner
Mr Phillips
Willie Richmond
Bill Tate
Bill Tickle

The following is the ‘grand list’ so far. If anyone is able to help out with additional names that would be most appreciated. As I say, I’m only interested in servicemen from Sutton at the moment, not Crosshills or Glusburn. It’s the 241 Suttoners I’m trying to identify. N.B. ex-Suttoners John Leonard Haggas and his brother Raymond Haggas (below) are almost certainly not in the 241 tally, but 2 of their brothers were killed & are listed on the Sutton war memorial so I've added them to the list.

Harry Akrigg - Sutton in Craven - Royal Fusiliers
James Irwin Beecroft - Sutton nr Keighley - ASC (MT)
John Boardman - Sutton in Craven - 11th Yorkshire
Bertram Lancelot Calvert
Harry Calvert
Hubert Chaffer - Sutton in Craven - King Edward's Horse
John William Clough - Sutton nr Keighley - DLI
Arthur Cockshott - Sutton in Craven – RFA
Willie Davey
Herman Davy
Leonard Davy
Reg Ellison - Duke of Wellingtons
Henry Edgar Grass - Sutton in Craven - West Riding
Harry Greenwood - Sutton nr Keighley - Duke of Wellingtons
Walter Greenwood - Sutton in Craven - West Riding
William Hackston – (twin brother of Thomas Hackston listed on Sutton war memorial)
John Leonard Haggas - (originally from Sutton. Served in the USA army during WW1
Raymond Haggas - (originally from Sutton. Served in the USA army during WW1)
Arnold Hall - Sutton Mill nr Keighley - West Yorks
Harold Hanson - Sutton in Craven – RFA
Allan Hargreaves
Fred Hargreaves - Sutton in Craven - West Riding
Morris Hargreaves - Sutton in Craven - Labour Corps
Reginald Harris - Sutton nr Keighley - West RidingCharles Preston Hathaway - Sutton nr Keighley - 6th Duke of Wellingtons
William Hayton - Sutton nr Keighley - West Yorks
Alfred Haywood - Sutton in Craven - Royal Irish Fusiliers
Arthur Haywood - Sutton in Craven - RFA
George Lee King - Sutton Mill, Keighley - Welsh Rgt
Charley Knowles - Sutton nr Keighley - RFA
Donald Laycock - Sutton in Craven – DLI
Tom Lister – 10th Battalion Duke of Wellingtons
Richard Lowe - Sutton in Craven – RE
Cyril Midgley
Hector Roberts Noble - Sutton in Craven - West Yorks
John Norton - Sutton in Craven – 3/6th battalion, West Riding Regiment
Edward James Parker - Sutton in Craven - Essex Reg
Alfred Pounder - Sutton in Craven - RFA
Thomas William Pye - Sutton in Craven - ASC (MT)
Harry Robinson - Sutton nr Keighley - Brigade of Guards
Walter Robinson - Sutton in Craven - 83rd Training Reserve
Joseph Henry Sharp - Sutton in Craven - RFA
Charles Simons - Sutton in Craven - 1st Garrison KOYLI
Leonard Simons
Samuel Simons
Alfred Smith
Conyers Smith - Sutton in Craven - RFA
Henry Wilfred Smith - Ellers Sutton nr Keighley - Training Reserve
Horace Smith - Sutton nr Keighley - Training Reserve
Fred Spencer
Arthur Stirk - Sutton in Craven - West Riding
James Summersgill - Sutton nr Keighley - 6th Duke of Wellingtons
Thomas Henry Summersgill - Sutton nr Keighley - 6th Duke of Wellingtons
Richard Taylor - Sutton in Craven - West Riding
William Lister Whitaker - Sutton in Craven – RGA
James Whitehall
Joseph Whitehall
Tom Whitehall
Fred Whiteoak - Sutton Nr Cross Hills - 2nd West Yorks
Ralph Whiteoak – Harker St, Sutton Mill, Duke of Wellingtons
Denis Marshall Pickles
Thursday, November 1, 2012 14:57
Add the names of Raymond Whittaker and Tom Lister Ellison.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Thursday, November 1, 2012 20:26
Thanks Denis, I'd already listed Tom Lister, but will change that to Tom Lister Ellison. Raymond Whittaker will now be added, thanks again.
Robin Longbottom
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 09:58
Just to hand I have:-

Thomas William Pye (Tom) - Cragg Farm - Army Service Corps
Eddie Feather, -
Hartley Feather -
Willie Feather - all 3 brothers of 19 Park Lane - D of W's WR Regt
Fred Feather - no address, may not have lived in Sutton before war - Tank Corps
Sydney Spencer Smith - Eastfield Place - Seaforth Highlanders
Ernest Stell - Mill Hill, Sutton - D of W's WR Regt - (brother of Percy Stell killed in Dardanelles 1915).
Prince Ratcliffe - Rosewood Square - Northumberland Fusiliers.
Charles ? Horner - Elm House - Regt?

I seem to think that Willie Riley (lived at top of Ellers) and David Coleman also served, but I may be wrong. Does any one know?

Paul Wilkinson
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 12:15
I've just added a page to the history section titled "More Old Sutton Warriors" containing an article by Robin Longbottom about three of the Suttoners named above who returned.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 13:34
Thanks very much for the additional names Robin. The three Feather brothers Eddie, Hartley & Willie caught my eye. A medal collecting friend of mine has the British War Medal & Victory Medal to Hartley Feather in his collection.

I’m now hoping that the Northallerton County Records Office hold information on the 241 men from Sutton who served & returned. I should get an answer back within the next couple of weeks.

I’ve just read your latest article in the history section "More Old Sutton Warriors". Once again a fascinating account detailing three of Sutton’s Great War veterans. A wonderful picture of Fred Feather sitting on the bench outside the Kings Arms too. Great work Robin, well done.
Lynda Blundell nee Phillips
Vancouver, Canada
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 16:32
I believe my paternal grandfather George Phillips of 5 Holmfield Place served in WW1.
Denis Marshall Pickles
Thursday, November 8, 2012 14:50
Three more for your list:
Col Bateman
Major Clarkson
Albert Overend
sarah elizabeth eccles
Skirethornes, Grassington
Friday, November 9, 2012 21:56
My dad , Charles Granvil Midgley was in W.War 1 . I think he was a gunner . (he lived in Holly Bank in Sutton in the 1911 census)
Julie Pirie
Saturday, November 10, 2012 14:25
It is good to see John and Raymond Haggas included in the list they are brothers to Walter and William both honoured on the Sutton Memorial. All four are my Great Grand Uncles.
John Laycock
Sutton in Craven
Saturday, November 10, 2012 19:42
I was interested in your post re the Haggas brothers. My grandmother Annie was their sister.
John Laycock
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Saturday, November 10, 2012 21:31
Julie and John, you have my attention, (how are you John by the way?).

Wilst there is already an image of William Gordon Haggas in the book 'Cravens Part in the Great War', we are sadly missing a photo of Walter Haggas. Would either of you be 'in the know' as to how to source one?

John, your grandmother Annie - was she called Martha Annie but went by the name Annie?

Final question if I may: whilst John & Raymond Haggas served with the US forces, is anything known of their WW1 service?

Thanks Sarah, Denis & Lynda for the additional names to be added to the list.
David Laycock
Saturday, November 10, 2012 21:39
Beat me to it John. Saw the surname when Andrew posted the list.
Julie good to hear from you. I still have a couple of souveners that Ada? Stephanson gave to us when she visited many years ago. I think she was related to Haggas. I remember going up to John's place to see her with my Dad Donald. John might correct me on this.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Sunday, November 11, 2012 07:52
It looks like Raymond Haggas returned to England from New York on 19th June 1935. He was a UK Incoming Passenger on board the Cunard White Star ship 'Majestic' which docked at Southampton, England on that date.
Julie Pirie
Sunday, November 11, 2012 14:02
Nice to meet you all - John & David are we relatives!
Charles Haggas brother to Annie and Walter,William, John and Raymond was my Great Grandfather, his daughter Alice Haggas was my Grandmother who married Walter Jobling
( Cowling)
Raymond did travel back to the UK for a visit but returned to America where he lived till he passed away. As far as I am aware the rest of the family remained in America or Canada apart from Charles (my great grandfather brother to Annie etc) story behind that!
Andrew - I was hoping you had a picture of Walter as I am also missing one. I was due to take a trip to New York in October this year to keep hunting my family but a Hurricane spoilt my plans! I know I have living relatives there but still trying to trace them.
John Laycock
Sutton in Craven
Sunday, November 11, 2012 18:53
I'm fine. Sorry I don't think I can help you with a photo but will have a look around.
See below.

I recognise most of those names. I had contact with the USA branch of the Haggas family about 10 years ago but this is too long a story for this posting. Perhaps you would like to contact me directly via Paul Wilkinson who will be able to supply you with my e mail address and I may be able to help you.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Sunday, November 11, 2012 20:45
Hi Julie & John, yesterday I placed a request on Great War Forum for more info' on John & Raymond Haggas. I asked if anything was known of their WW1 service in the US army. I received the following response (so far):

"According to the 1915 New York state census, John L Haggas had been resident in the USA for 7 years, although there is also a listing on ancestry for the New York passenger lists dated 1909, departing from Liverpool on the Lusitania. Both he and his brother Raymond are listed on the census as working as laborers in a plush mill.

Ancestry also has US draft registration cards for WW1 - John L Haggas is not listed under those and does not appear to have served, although he may not have been called up. Not all who registered did so.

Raymond has more promise - there is a listing under the US Department of Veteran affairs (deaths index) stating that he died 30 April 1978 (DOB 14 May 1895) and served in WW1. 2 dates for enlistment - 4 June 1917 and again 15 July 1917. Discharged 29th April 1919. No service number given though only the SSDI -Social Security Death Index. Interestingly, there is also a registration for him under WW2 aged 46. This was for work at a naval shipyard in Portsmouth Virginia. Next of kin was Ruth Haggas, also in Virginia.

There is another brother called Luther Haggas born in 1883, who did register for the US army under the third draft for September 1918. He was aged 35, a farmer in Oneida County, New York. He appears to have arrived in the USA in 1910 having left from Liverpool on the SS Zeeland for Boston. Previous address given as 32 Main Street, Eastburn, worked as a plasterer back in England."

So a third brother Luther Haggas also enlisted into the US army albeit very late in the war. It is of course possible that he may not have seen overseas action depending upon the length of his army training, etc.

Raymond on the other hand saw action in WW1 and also enlisted during WW2, albeit his WW2 service was home-based.

As for John Leonard Haggas who appears not to have served (according to the above), a West Yorkshire Pioneer newspaper article dated 18th January 1918 reporting the death of Sapper William Gordon Haggas clearly states "Two other brothers, John Leonard Haggas and Raymond Haggas (the youngest son), have recently joined the United States Army". So just because Ancestry has not yet listed a US draft registration card for John L Haggas doesn't mean to say he didn't serve.

So it looks like John Leonard & Raymond 'pioneered' off to America (aboard the cruise ship 'Lusitania' which was famously sunk by the German’s in 1915) several years before the rest of the family decided to join them from Sutton.

John & Julie if I may, I would like to remain involved in the quest to find out more about the Haggas family, particularly their wartime roles and also to try and locate a photo of Walter Haggas. My email address can be obtained from the Webmaster, I would very much like to be copied in on any relevant Haggas family discussions – thanks!
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 04:41
OK, more info' from 'Great War Forum' courtesy of Ellen from Keighley. The US draft registration cards for John Leonard, Raymond & Luther have now been tracked down.

John Leonard Haggas & his brother Raymond Haggas both enlisted into the US army on the same date, June 5th 1917. Both gave their home address as 3, Kirkland, Oneida, New York. Luther Haggas enlisted into the US army on Sept 12th 1918

John Leonard was aged 28, his date of birth being July 19th 1888. He was married with one child and had brown hair & blue eyes (just for the record!).

Raymond was aged 22, his date of birth being May 14th 1895. He was recorded as being single with brown hair & brown eyes.

Luther was aged 35, his date of birth being July 6th 1883. He was employed as a farmer and had black hair & blue eyes.

Unfortunately I have just discovered that 80% of USA Service records were destroyed in a fire in 1973, so these US registration cards may be the only Great War information in existence on these 3 brothers. Quite unbelievable, especially after a similar thing happened to the UK Great War service papers in the London Blitz fires of 1940.

Daniel, also a member of Great War Forum provided some genealogy information as follows:

Raymond Haggas was born on May 14th 1895 and died in New York on April 30th 1978. He is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Clinton, Oneida, New York. His wife Ruth Agnes Phillips was born on July 16th 1900 and died in New York on Sept 23rd 1978. They were married on July 9th 1919.

They had 3 sons & 1 daughter. Their names:

1. Adelbert Walter Haggas (the middle name was presumably after Walter Haggas (his uncle) who was killed in action on 11th Nov 1914
2. Walter Mons Haggas (again after his uncle Walter who fought at the battle of Mons before being killed in Nov 1914)
3. Raymond Haggas (like father like son!)
4. Dona Mae Haggas

Still no image of Walter Haggas, but I can’t help thinking that’s it’s only a matter of time before one surfaces. I feel like a bloodhound with the scent of Walter’s photo almost detectable with every new line of enquiry!
Sylvia Dowgill
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 19:59
Try the website info on Cravens part in the Great War .
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Monday, November 26, 2012 02:33
Hi Sylvia, yes CPGW website is a great resource :-)

Going back to the 241 men from Sutton served & returned, I received the following response from the Northallerton County Records Office:

"Thank you for your email and for the jpeg image. I'm now able to view it and I see that it comes from the Sutton-in-Craven Parish Council minute book (PC/SUT). I've checked the entry which notes that a list of the men who served in the Great War was submitted to the meeting and was later to be put up in a public place for inspection. I'm sorry to say that, unfortunately, the list does not survive with the Parish Council papers which we hold here and I fear that it may not survive at all. I regret that we have not been able to help you further on this occasion and that the result of the search is so disappointing."

So they acknowledge that a list of the men who served was originally submitted to the Sutton-in-Craven Parish Council meeting and was placed somewhere for public inspection, but that the list does not survive with the Parish Council papers.

Has anyone got any idea where this list may be found? I’m struggling to believe that such an important piece of village wartime documentation would have been purposely destroyed or discarded.

Clerk, have you any thoughts or suggestions please?
Monday, November 26, 2012 10:10

When I took over the position of Clerk documents which were passed over to me were archived at the North Yorkshire County Office.

Listed are separate War Memorial Committee Minutes dated 1919-21 (which I presume from your statement above you have a copy).

The only other information I can offer is:

In the Minutes at the Parish Meeting (held once a year) held at the Holme Bridge Council School on Wednesday, July 9th 1919 at 7.30pm. Mr Laurence Preston, chairman of the Parish Council, presiding, and about 30 persons present it is written:

"That we express our deep sympathy and condolence with the parents of those lads who have lost their lives in the war."

After considering a few suggestions as to what to have for a war memorial or what would be suitable, it was resolved unanimously "that a Bronze Statue of a Soldier in full kit with a pedestal containing all the names of the fallen, be erected in the Park on the site which was set out for a Band Stand."

It was also unanimously resolved on the motion of Mr James Bairstow seconded by Mr Albert Clough "That a book be printed (and well got up) for having all the names of those who have served in the forces entered in, and other particulars as to what they have been in i.e. Army, Navy or Air Service with particulars of Regiment, Ship etc. also including all the names of those who have fallen."

Resolved that the following persons shall be appointed on the War Memorial committee, with members of the Parish Council, Miss Bairstow, Rev. A.R. Light, Rev. F.J. Bloice Smith, J.W. Whitaker, Alfred Clough, Thomas spencer, N.B. Chaffers, and Ernest Armitstead, also each place of worship to be asked to appoint four ladies.

I am sorry I do not have any further information other than the above.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Monday, November 26, 2012 11:22
Many thanks Clerk for your quick response. The Minutes taken at the Parish Meeting held on July 9th 1919 certainly make very interesting reading.

I am now wondering whether or not the proposed book listing all the names of those who served in the forces was ever printed. I’ve never seen or heard of this book, but hopefully somebody else has and perhaps has a copy.

My apprehension is that no such book was ever published probably due to the cost involved. As you have mentioned, the Minutes of the July 9th 1919 meeting state that it was resolved unanimously "that a Bronze Statue of a Soldier in full kit with a pedestal containing all the names of the fallen, be erected in the Park…..".

We now know that this idea proved to be too expensive at £900, as after letters were circulated to all homes in the parish, the local people made donations which amounted to £200, which was £300 less than the committee had hoped for. They did however have some funding (about £400) towards the memorial so they opted for the Great Cross and four bronze panels instead.

Anyway, it is certainly a useful lead. Does anyone know if such a book existed/exists? I'll probably never stop looking! Thanks again Clerk.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Friday, December 14, 2012 05:36
Well amazingly, a Nominal Roll for Suttoners who served in WW1 has now been located……in St Thomas’ Church! Many thanks to the webmaster Paul Wilkinson for taking his camera & tripod to the church and diligently photographing the Roll into readable segments. It contains the handwritten names of 250 men from, or associated with Sutton who served during the Great War. The names were recorded in no apparent order, some with the letters R.I.P. added against them at a later date.

The Roll includes 18 of the names listed on the Sutton war memorial, which of course means that a further 22 names on the memorial are not mentioned on the Roll. In addition there are a further 22 names of Suttoners who appear to have served, but who are also missing from the Roll.

So all in all, the grand total of Suttoners who served during WW1 (40 of whom never returned) is in the order of 294. It is of course still possible that not everybody has been accounted for, but I think this is as close to the true number as we’re going to get.

I have transcribed the 250 names from the Nominal Roll into alphabetical order as follows. I’ve also added a few comments in (brackets) that are not mentioned on the Roll:

1. Albert Akrigg (Died from Wounds 1925, St Thomas’ Church Roll of Honour listing the 'Fallen')
2. Horace Akrigg
3. Harry Archer
4. Stanley Archibald (Sutton war memorial)
5. Ernest Armistead
6. John William Armitage
7. Alfred Bancroft
8. Spencer Barrett
9. William Barrett
10. Wilson Barrett
11. Edward Barrow
12. Edward Barrow (duplicate?)
13. Charles Malcolm Bateman
14. James Beecroft
15. Harry Bennett
16. Ernest Berry
17. Arthur Bottomley
18. Harry Bottomley
19. Fred Butterfield
20. Harry Calvert
21. Hubert Chaffers
22. Norman Bairstow Chaffers
23. Edward Chapman
24. Robert Chapman
25. William Chapman
26. John Cheshire
27. Herbert Clough
28. John William Clough
29. Joshua Valentine Clough
30. Norman Clough
31. Oswald Clough
32. Wilfrid Clough (Sutton war memorial)
33. Arthur Cockshott
34. David Coleman
35. Ernest Cooper
36. William Cooper
37. James Cowling
38. Tom Davey (Sutton war memorial)
39. William Davey
40. Alick Davy
41. Herman Davy
42. John Davy (Sutton war memorial)
43. Leonard Davy
44. George Deighton
45. Ernest Dessant
46. John Dickinson
47. Earl Drake
48. Joseph Drayton
49. Stanley Duffill (Sutton war memorial)
50. Fred Eals
51. John Eals
52. Fred Earnshaw
53. John William Earnshaw
54. Herbert Ellison
55. Reginald Ellison
56. Tom Lister Ellison
57. Fred Fawcett
58. John Albert Fawcett
59. Eddie Feather
60. Hartley Feather
61. James Owen Feather
62. Albert Edward Fisher
63. Hanson Garnett
64. Ralph Gladstone R.I.P. (Kildwick war memorial)
65. Arthur Gott
66. Clarence Grainger
67. Herbert Grainger
68. Norman Grainger
69. Harry Grass
70. Edgar Green R.I.P. (Sutton war memorial)
71. Frank Green
72. Edward Greenwood
73. Harold Greenwood
74. June ? Greenwood
75. Joseph Henry Greenwood
76. Walter Greenwood
77. Harry Grimston (Kilwick, Cononley & Eastburn war memorials)
78. Thomas Hackston R.I.P. (Sutton & Eastburn war memorials)
79. William Hackston
80. Tom Haigh
81. Arnold Hall
82. Thomas Hall
83. Victor Hall
84. Willie Hall
85. Harry Happs
86. William Hardacre
87. Alan Hargreaves
88. Eshton Hargreaves
89. Fred Hargreaves
90. Fred Hargreaves (duplicate?)
91. James Hargreaves
92. Morris Hargreaves
93. Laurrie Hargreaves
94. Maurice Hargreaves (Eastburn war memorial)
95. Percy Hargreaves (Sutton war memorial)
96. Smith Hargreaves
97. Stephen Hargreaves
98. Walter Hargreaves
99. Edward Harper
100. Edward Harrington
101. Norman Harrison
102. Charles Preston Hathaway
103. William Hayton
104. Alfred Haywood
105. Arthur Haywood
106. George Haywood
107. Edward Hiscoe
108. John Edward Holdsworth
109. Arthur Horsfall
110. John William Horsfall
111. G. J. Hudson
112. George Hudson
113. Walter Hyde (Sutton war memorial)
114. Willie Hyde
115. Richard Jolly
116. David Jones
117. Ernest Jones (Sutton war memorial)
118. Alan Kidd
119. Harry Kidd
120. George Lee King
121. Joseph King
122. Charles Knowles
123. Lewis Robert Lawson
124. Donald Laycock
125. Sam Laycock
126. Arnold Leach
127. Clifford Leach
128. Frank Leach
129. Sidney Linwood
130. Ronald Livett
131. Harry Lynch
132. John Lynch
133. Joseph MacVay
134. Matthew Mcalloney ?
135. Charles McHenry
136. Harry McHenry
137. John Melia
138. Charles Granville Midgley
139. Cyril Midgley
140. Percy Midgley R.I.P. (Sutton war memorial)
141. Ernest Middleton
142. Frank Moore
143. Henry Moorhouse
144. Daniel Morrison
145. Kenneth Walton Naylor
146. Joseph Nelson
147. Harry Noble
148. Hector Robert Noble ?
149. John Norton
150. Albert Overend
151. Percy Overend (Sutton war memorial)
152. Edward James Parker
153. Harry Parker
154. Urich ? Parkins
155. Abraham Pearce
156. Abraham Pearce (duplicate?)
157. Clifford Petty
158. James Petty
159. George Phillips
160. Herbert Phillips
161. John William Preston
162. Ben Pullan
163. Thomas William Pye
164. Robert Ramsbottom
165. Clifford Ratcliffe
166. Prince Ratcliffe
167. John Read R.I.P. (St Thomas’ Church Roll of Honour listing the 'Fallen')
168. William Read
169. William Richmond
170. John Henry Ridsdale
171. Alwin Riley
172. Arthur Riley
173. James Wilson Riley
174. Thomas Douglas Riley
175. Thomas Lund Riley
176. William Riley
177. Harry Robinson
178. Walter Robinson
179. Harry Saville
180. Charles Shackleton
181. Frank Shackleton
182. John Shackleton
183. Joseph Henry Sharp
184. Edward Shepherd
185. Charles Shirley
186. Charles Simons
187. Leonard Simons
188. Leonard Henry Simons
189. Sam Simons
190. William Robert Simons (Sutton war memorial)
191. Alfred Smith
192. Conyers Smith
193. Harlan Smith R.I.P (Sutton war memorial)
194. Harold Smith
195. Reginald Smith (Sutton war memorial)
196. Sidney Spencer Smith
197. Wilfred Henry Smith
198. Alan Spencer
199. Hugh Spencer
200. John Vivian Spencer
201. William James Spencer
202. Percy Stell R.I.P. (Sutton war memorial)
203. Norman Stephenson
204. Ernest Stell
205. Arthur Stirk
206. Arthur Storey
207. John William Summerskill
208. George Taylor
209. John William Taylor
210. Reginald Taylor
211. Richard Taylor
212. Edward Teale
213. Tom Tempest ?
214. Harold Thornton
215. Thomas Edward Thornton
216. James Tial ?
217. Arthur Utley
218. Charles William Volentine
219. Amos Wagstaff (Sutton war memorial)
220. Daniel Wagstaff
221. Willie Wagstaff
222. Charles Waite
223. Harold Waite
224. James Cyril Waite
225. Willie Waite
226. Thomas Henry Walker
227. Charles Waltham ?
228. Frederick William Walton
229. Herbert Walton
230. William Lister Whitaker
231. Fred Whitehall
232. Joseph Whitehall
233. Thomas Whitehall
234. Fred Whiteoak
235. Harry Whiteoak
236. Ralph Whiteoak
237. William Whiteoak
238. John Willie Whitham
239. Frank Whittaker
240. John Raymond Whittaker
241. Norman Widdup
242. William Wigglesworth
243. John Wilmore
244. Vivian Wilmore
245. Alec Wilson
246. Harold Wilson R.I.P. (Sutton war memorial)
247. John Thrascin ? Wilson
248. Wilfrid Wilson
249. Harold Wilton
250. Edward Wiseman

As already stated, the following 22 names listed on the war memorial are not mentioned on the Nominal Roll. They are however included on a separate Roll of Honour in St Thomas' Church listing the 'Fallen':

Joseph Greenwood Bancroft
Charles Eric Ivan Calvert
Evelyn Fisher
Walter Haggas
William Gordon Haggas
Willie Hargreaves
Arnold Heeley
Cedric Fawcett Horsfall
Samuel (Harry) Lund
Nelson Widdup Petty
Edgar Pullan
Norman Riley
Frederick Simpson
Arthur Smith
Gordon Smith
William Blake Spencer
Thomas Henry Summerskill
Henry Taylor
Frederick William Thompson
Albert William Tune
Richard Whitehall
Edmund Wilkinson

Finally these are the remaining 22 names of Suttoners who served, but who are also missing from the Nominal Roll:

Ernest Bennett
John Boardman
Bertram Lancelot Calvert
Harry Daffern
Fred Feather
Willie Feather
Harold Hanson
Reginald Harris
Charles Horner
Tom Lister (Tom Lister Ellison – same person?)
Richard Lowe
Elsie McColgan (Died in 1928, St Thomas’ Church Roll of Honour listing the 'Fallen')
Alfred Pounder
Henry Wilfred Smith
Horace Smith
Fred Spencer
James Summerskill
Bill Tate
Bill Tickle
James Whitehall
Raymond Whittaker
Reina Pearson
Newmarket Ontario Canada
Friday, November 9, 2018 21:01
Hartley, Eddie and Willie Feather are my Great Uncles. They are the uncles of my Mother Nellie Foulds and she often talked of them. Hartley and Eddie served in Mesopotamia and were never the same after they were gassed there she said. I would be very interested in any photos or information you might have about this family. Thanks. Reina
Reina Pearson
Newmarket Ontario Canada
Sunday, November 11, 2018 18:19
Thanks to this website I have found some good information about my Great Uncle Eddie Feather and his service during the Great War. I discovered that he was wounded on 2 separate occasions but returned to France to fight again and received the Military Medal for Bravery in battle in 1918. He served until 1919 when he could return home finally. Thanks so much.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Monday, November 12, 2018 20:12
Hi Reina, yes looks like your Great Uncle Eddie was awarded a gallantry medal for 'bravery in the field' on the 18th July 1918 whilst serving with the 2/6th West Riding Regiment. He was also awarded the Victory medal on the 16th July 1919 and the British War Medal on the 30th August 1919. He was wounded in action with shot wounds to the right arm on the 3rd May 1917. Prior to the war he was a weaving overlooker and lived at 19, Park Lane, Sutton.
Reina Pearson
Newmarket Ontario Canada
Sunday, November 25, 2018 19:45
Thanks. I was particularly surprised to know that my Great Uncle Eddie returned to the battlefield . twice after being injured. The fact that all three brothers made it back to England knowing that so many did not is truly amazing to me.
Joan M. Tindale
Friday, December 14, 2018 23:06
To: Julie Pirie, Selby - you should find a picture of Walter Jobling in "Cowling a Moorland Parish" 1980 at his loom in the mill. Are you Yvonne's daughter? Joan Tindale nee Binns, Cowling.

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