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Sue Bickerdike
Algarve, Portugal
Sunday, May 13, 2012 10:37
Cryer Family - Main Street, Sutton
Any information on a Cryer family who I have traced as living for some years in Main Street, Sutton would be most appreciated. I believe James Cryer my husband's grandfather, according to the school log, could have been a teacher at the local school in the 1800's. These Cryer's are part of my husband's family tree and as my own Cryer family were also from Yorkshire we definitely have an affinity with such a lovely area but we now live in the Algarve!
Nikki Barrett
Sunday, May 13, 2012 19:27
Hello Sue
I have Contacted Rachel Cryer with this link so hopefully she will be intouch?
Josie Walsh
Sunday, May 13, 2012 19:37
Hi Sue, had a quick look at some indexes that I have and found a James Cryer born about 1862, parents John & Ellen Cryer, living in Sutton.
He is with the family aged 9yrs in 1871, then I have found a James Cryer boarding with a family in Bishopside, he's 29yrs old and occupation schoolmaster on the 1891 Census. 1901 Census James Cryer with wife Edith Mary and son Frederick John living at Birstwith, a schoolmaster. Is this your family.My email is cravenindexes@gmail.comif you want to get in touch.
Hazel Martell
Saturday, May 19, 2012 16:22
Hi Sue,
I think I can help you a bit with this one. I bought 36 Main Street in August 2001 and one of the first jobs we did was demolish the old boundary wall between that and 38 stone by stone. At foundation level, we found a carved stone built in, face upwards. It's local stone and so doesn't carve very well, but there's a fancy scroll at the top, then underneath there's the date June 1883 (or possibly 1888 - the last number isn't clear), then the name J. W. Cryer.

We took it out carefully and rebuilt it into a new wall - I'll photograph it for you when the light's better as it'll just come out flat today - thinking J. W. Cryer was perhaps the man who built the house.

On the 1871 census, however, I found John W. Cryer aged 1, living in Sutton Mill (but no street name) with his parents, John and Ellen Cryer, and their other children, James aged 9 (who is presumably yours - or, should I say, your husband's!) and Jane aged 5.

Being nosey by nature, I then found them on other census returns and also found various baptisms and marriages on the IGI taking them back into the mid-1700s. There's too much information there to put on the forum, but, if you contact Paul, the webmaster, he'll let you have my email address and you can get in touch directly.

Kind regards, Hazel (Martell)

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