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Madeline Wilde
Wednesday, March 7, 2012 01:36
Old Friends
Hello lovely sutton, my maiden name was Madeline Blackburn and I emigrated to Australia in 1970 very best friend in the world was Jane Hiscoe who lived in sutton and I wonder if anyone would have any info about her as I sadly lost touch and would not know her married name. there was also a Christine Jackson who lived down the road from Jane. I have to say I had a huge crush on Tom Haigh from the Black Bull LOL..... used to put his name on my school bag!! .....we all used to congregate in the bus shelter there...happy times gone by. I have been happily married now though for 38 years LOL. and often keep my "ozzie" husband entertained with my memories of Sutton and Keighley. Jane and I attended Greenhead Grammar School, and I think her brother's name was Keith.
Friday, March 9, 2012 20:33
hi madeline its jane

omg this is so weird, only a few weeks ago christine(jackson) gave me a few photos which she took when we were about 15 and guess who was on one of them, yes, Madeline Blackburn. Its lovely to hear from you,happy times indeed even though you did go out with one of the lads i was really keen on before i could get to him, i guess i can forgive you for that after all this time, i went out with him after you along with many others.Oooo if that bus shelter could talk!!!! e-mail me we'll catch up

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